Monday, 30 March 2015

Amos Yee to Brainwashed Singaporeans - Snap out of Your Trance

Great points although Jesus Christ himself was against government authority and tried to expose the
fraud of religion as for what it was -  a tool of mind control. Then the same guys who hung him on the cross for they feared losing the control of the masses hijacked his last name and used it to create another religion of mind control to make you externalize your power and feel small, weak and needy.

LKY's legacy will be of order-following culture, a culture of subservience and fear-based mind control that Singaporeans grovel on their knees to authority and anti-establishment voices are toned down and tempered to the point they sound like whimpering. Making examples of the opposition like JB Jeyaratnam was part of the fear machine, because fear can get the masses to do what you
want them to do. Meanwhile sell fake positive stories on the state controlled media just enough to keep them working to prop up the control system that keeps them in the state of Hell they are in.

The mind control needs to end. Singaporeans need to stop living in the hypnotic trance that they are a first world country. They need to realize they have been sold a bill of goods.

How's that job going by the way? Are you really sure it will last long enough to pay off your apartment?

How's the transport fare hikes going, by the way? Are they justified when the system is falling apart that doors at underground subway stations can't even close the first time and we are getting system faults every other week?

The stats quoted in this rant are real. Maternity leave is a joke and based on Gilbert's website to help the unemployed, it might be better for career women not to have children in order to keep their jobs.

The culture here is ruthless and puts money ahead of everything else. Morality? Forget it. Care for the welfare of others? Couldn't be bothered.

The media control is so complete many Singaporeans,even the partially awake, don't realize what the world really thinks of them. The current climate of fear cannot be sustained and needs to be overcome, or Singapore will cease to be relevant in the world before this century is out.

NB: due to the 'controversial' nature (as if speaking the Truth is illegal) this video shared link may be broken by brain donors who seek to take it down.