Thursday, 12 March 2015

'Moon Landing was Faked' is to discredit the Truth Movement and Technological Analy-Cyst

I think Jim Stone, former NSA officer turned whistleblower said it best when he said the "Moon Landing is a Hoax" is a disinformation campaign to discredit the Truth movement. The Truth Movement by a large portion is made up of people who will latch on to anything that suggests some deep level conspiracy because it is food for them.

There is a  lot of real hidden illegal and immoral activity going on by the powers that should not be but it requires discernment and investigative work with hard evidence. Relying on speculation and tabloid style sensationalism of 'super sekrit stuff coming from a well-oiled machine of corruption and evil' is what is opening the Truth Movement to manipulation and makes the movement look idiotic.

Moon Landing Hoaxers fail to consider why are there laser reflectors on the moon and how were they put there. (I am sure aliens put them there, have no fear, there's always an explanation for everything.) To this day scientists on the ground can tell how far the Moon has drifted away in orbit because of these reflectors. As long as they can't answer properly why those reflectors are there, the 'Moon Landing Hoax' is a fanciful theory by those who have bought a bill of goods sold to them by the Dark Occult-ocracy.

Granted, there is a lot of justified suspicion with why the Apollo moon landings were suddenly ended when it was Humanity's greatest achievement and did not follow up with Moon colonies and space stations.

If anything NASA itself should be blamed for creating the conditions for such a hoax to run wild with their abrupt termination of the Apollo project and for replacing it with a piece of shit spacecraft Shuttle whose launch configuration made it prone to accidents, as was highlighted with the falling debris supposedly causing the Columbia disaster and barely went beyond 200 miles and did tepid progress in space exploration compared to what would have been had we gone to the Moon and set up permanent residence there.

And today we stand up saying we want to go to Mars when our current publicly available technology of chemical rockets only allows for a squad-sized group of people squeezed in a small crate for 9 months. And chemical rocket technology should have been superseded a long time ago.

In many ways the lack of space exploration after 40 years and insane improvements in computing technology since 1969 is hard proof that a technological progress of humanity is being steered and retarded by a small group of anti-human globalists. With the technology to make a smartphone that combines a video recorder, camera, computer, calculator, watch, pager, notebook, etc going to the Moon should be no harder than outfitting a New York cab with the right tech to make it space drivable, think of the movie the 5th Element with Bruce Willis.

Humanity's only hope for turning this around is that when Russia and China buries the neo-satanic cabal running the whole charade of the US-EU military industrial complex running NASA, black ops, mind control MK-Ultra+Monarch garbage and human space exploration that they will take up the slack of the past wasted 40 years.

Or better yet go all the way and ditch the systems of government and money altogether and from there work out the science of space exploration that stays within the limits of Natural Law principles. As long as there is a monetary system about there will only be more divide and conquer through class division and envy with energy wasted killing each other and beating each other down over who has more 'stuff'.

Look back over the past decade since the turn of the 3rd Millennium, 21st Century C.E. and the technology has become everything from surveillance, more efficient ways to kill and be killed, and transhumanism, except the benefit of humanity. Humanity has found itself working longer hours for less pay and a lower quality of life, shorter lifespans and exploding rates of late-life diseases and the best thing is they buy the propaganda of being faulted for the problems of the world.

Where's the help from all the increased technology supposedly to make life better? Wasn't the 21st century supposed to be about flying cars, a longer life and a cheap cure for cancer?